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Influenster Venus® Snap with Embrace Review

So I received this product complimentary from influenster for testing purposes.  At first I thought it looked bulkier than normal razors and completely counteracted it’s purpose of being for travel.  However, the case was definitely convenient since it did protect not only the blades themselves, but also the things I kept in my purse like makeup bags and my wallet.  The handle I felt clumsy with since I’m not used to shaving with short, flat, and wide handles.  I thought the shape would’ve been designed to be easier to use on the go but I was very unfamiliar with it which made me uncomfortable.  This razor does give me a good close shave.  Definitely left my skin silky smooth and did not require any shaving cream!  I was scared it would leave me with razor burn but that was proven wrong with my first go.  The holes in the case are great for letting water escape and allowing the razor to dry properly.  I will continue to use this razor! Great for getting spots I missed or even when I’m in a rush.

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